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On the View mode panel, you can choose from viewing the page currently selected in the content tree in the following view modes:



Allows you to edit the page content and properties.


Shows you the page as it will be published on the site before it's actually published.

Live site

Shows the page as it's currently displayed on the live site to the site visitors.


Shows the list of all documents under the currently selected document.


The following points summarize the difference between the Live site and Preview view modes:


The Live site and Preview modes display the same content when a document is published and no further changes have been made to it since it was published.
When a document doesn't use workflow and its Publish from property is set to a future date and time, the Live site mode doesn't display any content, while the Preview mode displays the content that will be published after the specified date and time.
When the document uses workflow and didn't get to the Published step yet, the Live site mode doesn't display any content, while the Preview mode displays the content created in the current workflow step.
When the document uses workflow, it already got to the Published workflow step and its workflow cycle has been restarted (i.e. it was switched from the Published/Archived workflow step back to the Edit step and is going through the workflow cycle again), the Live site mode displays the last published version, while the Preview mode displays content from the current workflow step.
The Preview mode also does not use caching, so it may display changes that are not visible in Live site mode yet due to caching.


In Preview and Live site mode, you can leverage the built-in validation features on the Validate tab. Using these features, you can validate the live page or its preview against the HTML and CSS standards and check if it contains broken links.


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